Mothers’/Deaconesses’ Ministry

The Mothers/Deaconesses should be mature women of the church whose duties are similar of that of the Deacon. She is responsible for assisting the Pastor in all aspects of the church ministry with particular emphasis on females. She should be well thought of and trusted by the congregation, a woman of wisdom, compassion, not a new Christian, exhibiting a Christian example, and dedicated to Christ and the church. (Titus 2:1-5)

Appointments for Mothers/Deaconess are made through recognition and selection from existing Deaconess’ membership and with final approval of the Pastor and acceptance by the church.

Christian Education/Education Ministry

The purpose of the Christian Education ministry is to direct the development of a well-balanced educational program for all age groups and support the youth ministry. The Christian Education Director organizes or causes to be organized the “Classroom” and has general supervision of the same. He/she plans the educational program for the church (in consultation with the leaders of bible study, youth ministry, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and the pastor) about curriculum materials to be used. At a minimum, the following ministries shall be engaged: Sunday school, Children’s Church, Evangelism, weekly bible studies, and Vacation Bible School. The director will conduct surveys and studies of Christian education needs of the church and community, and make plans to meet those as fully as possible; prepare an annual budget; work cooperatively with all chairs and presidents in arranging trainings/workshop; and do other assignments as determined by the Senior Pastor.

Sunday School Ministry

The purpose of Sunday School is to serve as the foundational strategy for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and building Great Commission Christians through open Bible study groups that invite people to discover the truths of God’s Word and connect with others through fellowship and ministry.

Children’s Church

The purpose of Children’ Church is to provide worship experiences for children (Grades 1-5) on a level that will deepen their understanding of God’s Word and to prepare children to assimilate into the regular Sunday morning worship service upon graduating from the Children’s Church (CC).

Adult Bible Study Ministry

The purpose of the adult bible study ministry is to bring adults into a deeper personal understanding of and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, enabling them to become better witnesses for Him. It helps them link everyday challenges and struggles with the solutions given through the teachings of Jesus, our Savior.

Youth Bible Study

The purpose of the youth bible study ministry is to teach youth on a level that is comparable to their stage in life. It is to teach them the biblical truths that address their modern-day dilemmas. Further, it is to help them live holy lifestyles and learn how to witness to their peers.

Vacation Bible School

The purpose of Vacation Bible School (VBS) is to reach people of all ages, leading them to know and respond to Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit. VBS is a fun-filled, spiritual adventure that provides concentrated Bible study and encourages real-life application.

Education Ministry

The purpose of the Education Ministry is to encourage academic excellence, providing tutoring as needed, monitoring scholastic achievement throughout the school year, and recognizing noteworthy honors at the end of each school year. This includes scholarship awards, Fruit of the Spirit Awards, and Christian Character Awards.

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of the hospitality ministry is to serve as ambassadors for Christ, demonstrating love for others and making people feel special. It is to create a spiritually warm climate conducive to worshipping God with alert minds and receptive hearts. Lastly, the purpose of the hospitality ministry is to create a lasting impression that makes visitors feel so welcome that they are transformed into friends and want to come back to our church.

Ushers Ministry

The purpose of the Ushers’ Ministry is to demonstrate Christian love by warmly greeting church members and visitors as they enter the worship center on Sunday mornings and at special services. The ushers seat members and visitors in an orderly manner, direct appropriate movement during service, and collect the offering. This ministry maintains an atmosphere of consecration and reflection toward God during worship services, promoting a positive worship experience. The goal of this ministry is to ensure that visitors feel welcome and have an uplifting experience that encourages them to come back, again and again. 

Food Services Ministry

The purpose of the Food Services Ministry is to provide a warm, welcoming, environment in the fellowship hall, ensuring that food of good quality and taste is served at meal functions. This ministry allows the team to use their SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences) to demonstrate the “Fruit of the Spirit” while serving our church members and all who enter our presence, and doing it with a smile,

The responsibilities range from coordinating with other groups, setting tables, serving meals, washing dishes, ordering supplies, preparing or having food prepared, making sure supplies are available for use prior to an event. If any additional inventory is needed, the chairperson should notify the trustees in advance of such items.

Decorations Committee

The purpose of the Decorations Ministry Team is to provide a living space that is both comforting and welcoming to members, guests, visitors, and all who enter the doors. This team designs, selects, and installs decorations for the entire church, seasonally as well as for special services, holidays, and events.

Youth Ministry

The purpose of the youth ministry, consisting of preschool, children, middle school, and high school children, is to evangelize this generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ by creating an atmosphere where they can experience God, and to inspire them to let their voices be heard in the kingdom. This ministry serves as a loving network of support for the emotional and spiritual growth of our youth through worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship. It is to ensure that children are equipped with the Christian principles needed to make Godly choices in their daily lives.

Music & Worship Arts Ministry

The purpose of the Music & Worship Arts Ministry is to provide music and worship arts for various worship experiences. 

Choir Ministry

The purpose of the Senior and Youth Choirs is to provide songs of praise, adoration, devotion, and consecration, filled with power, love and truth of God’s Word. They are to render faithful, devoted service to the church body. Music and songs offer enlightenment, hope and relief that bring glory to God, leads the unsaved to Christ and the church of God is edified.

Audiovisual Ministry

The purpose of the audiovisual ministry is to support worship services, special events, and activities by providing equipment, personnel and logistics for sound, visuals, and production. This team produces CDs that can be purchased for a minimal fee. A member of the team should be present at every event where sound is needed.

Praise Dance Ministry

The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to minister to people through dance and provide individuals of all ages with a fun alternative to secular music and dance.


  • Children in 6th grade or higher must be Christians and in regular attendance at West Harpeth—attends at least two Sundays per month

  • Should have a good attitude and a good reputation

  • Must exhibit a certain level of dance skills—must be able to learn dances at the average rate of the group

  • Must be able to attend all practices (leader may opt to provide an excused absence, in which case, the dancer is responsible for seeking a fellow dancer to teach him/her missed segments)

  • Members are responsible for paying uniform fees and paying for a copy of the music as necessary

  • Must make all dance engagements unless absence is pre-approved by the director

  • Parents may be requested to attend practice with children

  • Parents are expected to drop off and pick up children for rehearsals promptly at designated times

  • Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from dance team appointments

Inreach/Outreach Ministry

The purpose of the Inreach/Outreach ministry is to encourage and keep in contact with members and visitors. Other responsibilities include sending sympathy, birthday, anniversary and get well cards to members or others in the community. The Inreach/Outreach volunteers follow up their visits with telephone calls and gift cards are sent to members who have been in the hospital for 2 days or more.

Jail Outreach Ministry:

The purpose of the Jail Ministry is to teach the word of God to men and women who are incarcerated. The West Harpeth Primitive Baptist Church Jail Ministry is certified through the Community Out-Reach Program. This ministry currently consists of four certified teachers and ministers at the John I. Easley Criminal Justice Center in Franklin, TN. The ministry is open to those that have a passion to minister the gospel and willing to become certified counselors. The Women’s Jail Ministry meets once a week. Currently the Men’s Jail Ministry position is vacant. Bibles are donated by the community and are available to prisoners upon request.

Visitation (Sick & Shut-in) Ministry

The Visitation Ministry Team assists the pastor in providing pastoral care by scheduling prayer and family visits to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and homes. This ministry team also visits local nursing homes. Members are encouraged to notify the church office or a member of the Inreach/Outreach Ministry Team when a member, friend, or family is hospitalized or seriously ill.