Christian Education/Education Ministry

A Well

The purpose of the Christian Education ministry is to direct the development of a well-balanced educational program for all age groups and support the youth ministry. The Christian Education Director organizes or causes to be organized the “Classroom” and has general supervision of the same. He/she plans the educational program for the church (in consultation with the leaders of bible study, youth ministry, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and the pastor) about curriculum materials to be used.

At a minimum, the following ministries shall be engaged: Sunday school, Children’s Church, Evangelism, weekly bible studies, and Vacation Bible School. The director will conduct surveys and studies of Christian education needs of the church and community, and make plans to meet those as fully as possible; prepare an annual budget; work cooperatively with all chairs and presidents in arranging trainings/workshop; and do other assignments as determined by the Senior Pastor.

Sunday School Ministry

The purpose of Sunday School is to serve as the foundational strategy for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and building Great Commission Christians through open Bible study groups that invite people to discover the truths of God’s Word and connect with others through fellowship and ministry.

Children’s Church

The purpose of Children’ Church is to provide worship experiences for children (Grades 1-5) on a level that will deepen their understanding of God’s Word and to prepare children to assimilate into the regular Sunday morning worship service upon graduating from the Children’s Church (CC).

Adult Bible Study Ministry

The purpose of the adult bible study ministry is to bring adults into a deeper personal understanding of and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, enabling them to become better witnesses for Him. It helps them link everyday challenges and struggles with the solutions given through the teachings of Jesus, our Savior.

Youth Bible Study

The purpose of the youth bible study ministry is to teach youth on a level that is comparable to their stage in life. It is to teach them the biblical truths that address their modern-day dilemmas. Further, it is to help them live holy lifestyles and learn how to witness to their peers.

Vacation Bible School

The purpose of Vacation Bible School (VBS) is to reach people of all ages, leading them to know and respond to Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit. VBS is a fun-filled, spiritual adventure that provides concentrated Bible study and encourages real-life application.

Education Ministry

The purpose of the Education Ministry is to encourage academic excellence, providing tutoring as needed, monitoring scholastic achievement throughout the school year, and recognizing noteworthy honors at the end of each school year. This includes scholarship awards, Fruit of the Spirit Awards, and Christian Character Awards.