Music & Worship Arts Ministry

Music and

The purpose of the Music & Worship Arts Ministry is to provide music and worship arts for various worship experiences.

Choir Ministry

The purpose of the Senior and Youth Choirs is to provide songs of praise, adoration, devotion, and consecration, filled with power, love and truth of God’s Word. They are to render faithful, devoted service to the church body. Music and songs offer enlightenment, hope and relief that bring glory to God, leads the unsaved to Christ and the church of God is edified.

Audiovisual Ministry

The purpose of the audiovisual ministry is to support worship services, special events, and activities by providing equipment, personnel and logistics for sound, visuals, and production. This team produces CDs that can be purchased for a minimal fee. A member of the team should be present at every event where sound is needed.

Praise Dance Ministry

The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to minister to people through dance and provide individuals of all ages with a fun alternative to secular music and dance.



  • Children in 6th grade or higher must be Christians and in regular attendance at West Harpeth—attends at least two Sundays per month

  • Should have a good attitude and a good reputation

  • Must exhibit a certain level of dance skills—must be able to learn dances at the average rate of the group

  • Must be able to attend all practices (leader may opt to provide an excused absence, in which case, the dancer is responsible for seeking a fellow dancer to teach him/her missed segments)

  • Members are responsible for paying uniform fees and paying for a copy of the music as necessary

  • Must make all dance engagements unless absence is pre-approved by the director

  • Parents may be requested to attend practice with children

  • Parents are expected to drop off and pick up children for rehearsals promptly at designated times

  • Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from dance team appointments